Yolo County


The people and places of Yolo County are deeply connected to their agricultural roots — whether it be in the county seat of Woodland, the college town of Davis, home of UC Davis, or the rural areas of Winters and beyond. Still, with a populace dominated by its urban areas, 66 percent of jobs are considered white collar, with 19 percent blue collar workers and 15 percent working in services.

The median home value is $490,094, seven times income. 12 percent of Yolo residents have no high school diploma, 18 percent are high school graduates, 26 percent have some college and 44 percent have a college degree or higher. The age group breakdown generally peaks at 20-24 (12 percent), then decreases as age increases. The median age is 32.

As far as common experiences or demographics, the largest tapestry “lifemode” segments in the county are Scholars and Patriots (14,625 or 19 percent of households), Ethnic Enclaves (13,310 or 17 percent of households), Middle Ground (10,754 or 14 percent of households) and Affluent Estates (8,520 or 11 percent of households), according to Esri. The biggest cohorts of households are described by College Towns (10,281 or 14 percent), Front Porches (6,975 or 9 percent) and Up and Coming Families (5,424 or 7 percent).

Market Demographics

The population of Yolo County is 220,785  across 76,414 households. The median disposable income is $55,707. The median household income is $69,593, with $34,482 per capita. The median net worth is $59,194. The largest cohorts of household income are, in decreasing order by population, between $100,000 and $150,000 (16 percent of households), between between $50,000 and $74,999 and between $75,000 and $99,999. The smallest group of households earn between $15,000 to $24,999 (7 percent).

Davis Enterprise

The Davis Enterprise serves the cities of Davis and Woodland, publishing three times a week on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. With an audience of well over 5,000 loyal readers, it has time and again been voted the most important source of local information in an independent survey of Davis residents. The Winters Express, a subsidiary of the Davis Enterprise, publishes Winters-focused news and features each week on Wednesday to a circulation of just under 2,000.

Yolo Magazine

Yolo Magazine, in concert with its sister online activity and business directory yolo.directory, serve to inspire residents to adventure beyond their backyard. Published semi-annually and available online at yolo.guide, Yolo Magazine offers fun and family-friendly activities, features, history and guides.

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