Programmatic Email Marketing

Programmatic Email marketing is the new ‘direct mail’ for the modern age, without the expensive postage costs. Our services allow you to target consumers who are more likely to take action on your emails. Why is programmatic email effective? You can earn up to $44 for every dollar spent. As well, email is cross-device and offers you the platform to reach many individuals on any given device. Email is also brand-safe and protected from fraud, so you know your materials are safe!

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Programmatic Email Targeting

Our email targeting services allow you to target the right audience that is specific and unique to your business. Our targeting includes:

  • Buying Activity and Purchasing Habits
  • Families with Children of certain ages
  • Political Affiliation
  • Ethnicity and Language
  • Health Habits
  • Income and Wealth
  • And Much More!

Programmatic Email is a great tool to utilize for your next event, to push sales, and to reach your specific audience with a compelling message.

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