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We offer several ways to generate revenue for your business utilizing Pre-Roll Video, YouTube, and Over-the-Top Television. Pre-Roll Video refers to the videos that users see before they are able to watch their main content. This video is typically 10 to 30 seconds in length and is proven to increase favorability amongst users, boost brand association and engagement, and drive intent to purchase the advertised product. These videos are targeted using many options, including frequency targeting and demographic targeting.

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YouTube and Over-the-Top Television

Aside from Pre-Roll video, we also can advertise your business on YouTube. 35% of YouTube viewers say that they have purchased something they saw advertised while watching videos. This means that YouTube is a valuable platform for generating new customers for your business. Product reviews, how-to videos, and more can all help you get the client base you need. Over-the-Top television services are available to help get your business/products seen across ALL streaming platforms and on ANY device! We will help you determine which service(s) are best for your end goals.

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