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Playing audio ads on platforms such as radio and other streaming music services is an ideal way to get your brand in front of certain demographics. It is found that audio ads boost recall by over 150%. This is because streaming audio is the #1 activity for time spent online. This beats out social media, online gaming, and online video streaming. Businesses looking to raise awareness, get across in-depth messages, and boost overall media mix performance will find our audio services most useful.

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The Buying Journey

Each stage of the buying journey requires a unique message and digital product in order to successfully engage a potential customer. Awareness, interest, intent, purchase possibility, and loyalty are all factors when considering the digital buying journey. Integrate your business and message with Spotify, Pandora, Triton, AdsWizz, and TargetSpot. You can even target specific music genres, playlists, and demographic traits. Let us help you use radio and other streaming services to your business’ advantage!

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